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Bail Bengali meaning, Synonyms of Bail, Sentence example of Bail

অর্থঃ জামিন,জামিনের টাকা

Synonyms of Bail

bail out, begone, book [slang], bug off, bug out, bugger off [British slang], buzz (off), clear off [chiefly British], clear out, cut out, depart, dig out, exit, get, get off, go, go off, move, pack (up or off), part, peel off, pike (out or off), pull out, push off, push on, quit, run along, sally (forth), scarper [British], shove (off), step (along), take off, vamoose, walk out

Use of Bail in a Sentence

  • bailing water out of the boat
  • had to start bailing out the rowboat
  • being held without bail
  • Bail was set at $300,000.
  • Her lawyer bailed her out of jail.
  • His parents are always bailing him out of trouble.
  • while free on bail

First use of Bail

The first known use of bail was in the 14th century

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