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Badness Bengali meaning, Synonyms of Badness, Sentence example of Badness

অর্থঃ অসাধুতা; অকর্মণ্যতা; মন্দতা; অযোগ্যতা; অনুপযোগিতা;

Synonyms of Badness

bastard, bush, bush-league, crummy (also crumby), deficient, dissatisfactory, ill, inferior, lame, lousy, off, paltry, poor, punk, sour, suboptimal, subpar, substandard, unacceptable, unsatisfactory, wack [slang], wanting, wretched, wrong

Use of Badness in a Sentence

  • a bad repair job
  • make a bad impression
  • bad fish
  • the house was in bad condition
  • bad men
  • a bad dog
  • a bad plan
  • bad news
  • a bad influence
  • in bad trouble
  • bad grammar
  • felt generally bad
  • bad teeth
  • feels bad about forgetting to call
  • a bad check
  • a bad debt
  • the baddest guy on the block
  • There’s more good than bad in him.
  • Things went from bad to worse.
  • the mistake was my bad
  • not doing so bad
  • The house is in bad condition.
  • a letter written in bad French
  • He had a bad day at the office.
  • I was having a bad dream.
  • She made a very bad impression on her future colleagues.
  • We’ve been having bad weather lately.
  • The medicine left a bad taste in his mouth.
  • It’s a bad time for business right now.
  • Things are looking pretty bad for us at this point.
  • I have a bad feeling about this.
  • There’s more good than bad in him.
  • We need to teach our children the difference between good and bad.
  • teaching children the difference between the good and the bad
  • He believes that the good go to heaven when they die and the bad go to hell.
  • He hasn’t succeeded because he doesn’t want it bad enough.
  • you didn’t do too bad on the treadmill test
  • a bad impression
  • bad meat
  • a bad person
  • bad lighting
  • bad news
  • bad for the health
  • a bad cold
  • bad spelling
  • feel bad
  • don’t feel bad about losing
  • take the bad with the good
  • go to the bad
  • not doing so bad
  • bad notice
  • a bad check

First use of Badness

The first known use of bad was in the 13th century

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