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Average Bengali meaning, Synonyms of Average, Sentence example of Average

অর্থঃ গড়, গড় পত্তা মান

Synonyms of Average

norm, normal, par, standard

Use of Average in a Sentence

  • above the average
  • a batting average
  • Prices have increased on average by five percent. [=the average increase has been five percent]
  • a man of average height
  • on an average day
  • The gain averaged out to 20 percent.
  • colors that average to gray
  • averages 12 hours of work a day
  • average a loss
  • scored an average of 85 on tests
  • a high of 70° and a low of 50° give a mean of 60°
  • average of a group of persons earning 3, 4, 5, 8, and 10 dollars an hour is 6 dollars, whereas the median is 5 dollars
  • scores about the norm for fifth grade arithmetic
  • The average of 16, 8, and 6 is 10.
  • Take all these temperatures and find their average.
  • An average of 2,000 people attended the show each night.
  • Prices have increased on average about eight percent.
  • On average, women live longer than men.
  • His work has been above the average.
  • Take all these temperatures and find their average temperature.
  • The investment had a higher average return.
  • The average age of the company’s employees is 36.
  • The average woman lives longer than the average man.
  • Do you know what the average person earns?
  • the average American family buyer
  • Sales were about average for the industry on the whole.
  • Average grades are not good enough to get you into graduate school.
  • She was an average student.
  • She thought the performance was just average.
  • The teacher averaged the students’ grades.
  • What figure do you get when you average the amount of rainfall for the last three months?
  • their work is above the average
  • batting average
  • the average person
  • they average four feet in height
  • she averaged 40 miles a day
  • average the grades

First use of Average

The first known use of average was in 1746

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