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Ascertained Bengali meaning, Synonyms of Ascertained, Sentence example of Ascertained

অর্থঃ নির্ণীত; প্রতিপাদিত; নির্ধারিত; নিরূপিত; প্রমিত; প্রতিপন্ন; নিরাকৃত;

Synonyms of Ascertained

catch on (to), discover, find out, get on (to), hear, learn, realize, see, wise (up)

Use of Ascertained in a Sentence

  • ascertain the truth
  • discovered the source of the river
  • attempts to ascertain the population of the region
  • unable to determine the origin of the word
  • unearth old records
  • I learned her name only today
  • learning Greek
  • could not ascertain the correct date

First use of Ascertained

The first known use of ascertain was in the 15th century

Nearby Words

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