Arsenic Poisoning | Essay | Composition

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Arsenic poisoning is the harmful effects (প্রভাব) of various arsenic compounds (যৌগ) on body tissues and functions. Arsenic is a poison. Recently it has become a cause of alarm (উদ্বেগ) as it has been detected (চিহ্নিত) in the water of many tube wells throughout the country. By taking water having high degree of arsenic we get poisoned slowly. It may take several months or year before the symptoms (লক্ষণ) of arsenic poisoning become evident (স্পষ্ট).

Arsenic Poisoning | Essay | Composition
Arsenic Poisoning | Essay | Composition

Uses of Arsenic

Generally, arsenic is used in numerous (অসংখ্য) products, including insect, rodent (ইদুরজাতীয় প্রাণী), and weed (আগাছা) killers, some chemotherapeutic agents, and certain paints, wallpaper, and ceramics.

Causes of Arsenic Poisoning

Arsenic poisoning in humans most often results from the ingestion (হজম; আহার) or inhalation (শ্বাসগ্রহন) of insecticides (কীটনাশক) containing arsenious oxide, copper acetoarsenite, or calcium or lead arsenate. Exposure (সংস্পর্শে আসা) may be accidental, especially among children, or may be an occupational (পেশাগত) hazard (ঝুঁকি), especially among agricultural – workers handling insecticidal sprays and dust. The sprayed fruits and vegetables, if not washed, may also bear enough arsenic to be potentially toxic to the consumer. Among industrial workers, arsenic may be a source of accidental poisoning. Poisoning may also result from prolonged (দীর্ঘস্থায়ী) treatment (চিকিৎসা) with such medications as Fowler’s solution and arsphenamine. Arsenic is believed to exert its toxicity by combining with certain enzymes, thereby interfering (হস্তক্ষেপ করা) with cellular metabolism (রাসায়নিক রূপান্তর; বিপাক). Poisoning may result from a single large dose (acute poisoning) or from repeated small doses (chronic poisoning). In Bangladesh, the main cause of arsenic poisoning is drinking tube-well water having a high degree of arsenic


Symptoms of acute poisoning from swallowing arsenic include nausea, vomiting, burning of the mouth and throat (গলা), and severe (তীব্র) abdominal (তলপেট) pains. It may cause circulatory (সংবহন) collapse (ভেঙ্গে পড়া) followed by death within a few hours. Other effects are the destruction of red blood cells and damage to the kidneys. Chronic exposure to arsenic results in gradual loss of strength, diarrhea or constipation, pigmentation and scaling (খসখসে হওয়া) of the skin etc. It may also harm the nervous system of a person causing paralysis and confusion. There may also be degeneration of fatty tissue, anemia, and the development of characteristic streaks (রেখা) across the fingernails.


Diagnosis of arsenic poisoning is based on the finding of arsenic in the urine and in hair or nails of the victim.


The government has already taken steps to tackle (মোকাবেলা) this problem. Tube-wells having arsenic polluted water have already been painted red. We should avoid drinking water from those tubewells. Besides, we can drink pond water and river water after purification. Rainwater is also free from arsenic. By drinking arsenic-free water we can remain safe from arsenic.


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