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Antiseptic Bengali meaning, Synonyms of Antiseptic, Sentence example of Antiseptic

অর্থঃ পচন-নিবারক (ঔষধ)

Synonyms of Antiseptic

bandbox, crisp, groomed, kempt, neat, orderly, picked up, prim, shipshape, smug, snug, tidied, tidy, trig, trim, uncluttered, well-groomed

Use of Antiseptic in a Sentence

  • applied an antiseptic solution to the wound
  • antiseptic treatment
  • antiseptic surgical instruments
  • a spare, antiseptic waiting room
  • an antiseptic version of rustic life
  • an antiseptic greeting
  • antiseptic bombings
  • clean the wound with an antiseptic
  • known for keeping a strenuously antiseptic kitchen, the floor of which does indeed seem fit for eating off of
  • for such an expensive, elegant Sunday brunch, one would expect the attendants at the buffet tables to be professionally attired in starched, antiseptic white jackets
  • Clean the affected area with an antiseptic.
  • He applied antiseptic to the wound.
  • an antiseptic oral rinse
  • antiseptic treatment
  • antiseptic surgical instruments

First use of Antiseptic

The first known use of antiseptic was in 1639

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