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Aloneness Bengali meaning, Synonyms of Aloneness, Sentence example of Aloneness

অর্থঃ একাকিত্ব; নিঃসঙ্গতা;

Synonyms of Aloneness

lone, lonely, lonesome, single, solitary, solo, unaccompanied

Use of Aloneness in a Sentence

  • was alone in the office
  • She alone knows what happened.
  • The children alone would eat that much.
  • They are alone among their contemporaries in this respect.
  • The blame is mine alone.
  • He said he could do it alone.
  • everyone needs to be alone sometimes
  • glorying in the calm of her solitary life
  • left solitary by the death of his wife
  • felt lonely and forsaken
  • an only child often leads a lonesome life
  • a lone robin pecking at the lawn
  • a forlorn lost child
  • desolate after her brother’s death
  • This wine goes well with food, but is also very good alone.
  • I got him alone and asked him what had really happened.
  • She lived alone for many years.
  • She doesn’t mind being alone because she never feels lonely.
  • He was alone with his thoughts.
  • He felt very alone when he went away to school.
  • The police believe the criminal acted alone.
  • The price alone is enough to discourage people.
  • The special effects alone make the movie worth seeing.
  • Food alone is not enough for health.
  • You alone are responsible.
  • We thought we could do it alone.
  • I was left alone in the room.
  • The old tree had but a solitary apple.
  • I felt lonely after my friends left.

First use of Aloneness

The first known use of alone was in the 13th century

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