A Village Fair (Paragraph)

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A Village Fair (Paragraph)

Write a paragraph  on ‘A Village Fair’. Your writing should address the following questions.

(a) What is a village fair?
(b) Where does it sit and on what occasion?
(c) How many days does it last?
(d) What sorts of commodities come here?
(e) How do the village people enjoy it? 

A Village Fair

A village fair is a temporary gathering of the village people. It sits on the bank of the river and sometimes in the yard of a school or an open field in a village. It is held on various occasions like on the first day of Bengali year called Baishakhi Mela, in winter Poush Mela. Again on some religious occasions a fair is also held. Usually a fair lasts for one or two days, Sometimes it may continue for a week or more. All kinds of rural commodities are sold here. Clothes, earthen pots, dolls and other hand-made goods are available. For children, cheap sweets, ribbons, pipe, fans, magic wires, small looking glasses, etc. are sold there. Sometimes there is a circus or a merry-go-round in a village fair. The villagers gather there and enjoy themselves very much. The fair relieves them from their monotonous life. However, a village fair is a special attraction to the villagers..


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