A place I visited

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A place I visited

Traveling is one of the favorite hobbies of every human being. As I love traveling, I always wanted to visit a historical place. I am much interested to visit historic Places, with my own eyes. Whenever I get a chance, I visit historical Places. During the last Autumn Vacation, I got an opportunity to visit Bagerhat. I went there with my friends. We hired a bus. We got there by bus and had a lot of fun on the bus together. Many of us were singing songs. Finally, we reached Bagerhat. The important spots of Bagerhat are “The Mazare of Khan Jahan Ali” “The Dighi of Khan Jahan Ali”, “The Shaṭ Gombuj Moshjid” and “The Ghora Dighi”. It is believed that Khan Jahan Ali built the great Mosque City of Bagerhat called Shaṭ Gombuj Moshjid, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are 77 domes over the main hall and exactly 60 stone pillars. The mosque is locally known as the ‘Shat Gombuj Masjid’, which in Bangla means Sixty Domed Mosque. The Mazar of Khan Jahan Ali is a fine one-storeyed building where he was buried. On the night of the full moon of the month Chaitrea, a big fair is held beside the Mazar. The Dighi of Khan Jahan Ali is in front of the Mazar. It is a big tank. There are some Crocodiles in this big tank. I visited The Shaṭ Gombuj Moshjid. The Moshjid is beautifully decorated. The Ghora Dighi is also big. Bagerhat is really a place of historical interest. I have learned many things about the 16th Century. This visit gave me a chance to know about our ancient period. I left Bagerhat but the memories are still in my mind. 


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