Dialogue Writing : about the bad effects of illiteracy

Suppose, you are Adib/Adiba and you have a friend named Nasir/Nasrin. Your friend is worried about illiteracy. Now, write a dialogue between you and your friend about the bad effects of illiteracy.

Ans: A dialogue between my friend and me about the bad effects of illiteracy
I : Hi, Nasir, how’re you? 
Nasir: I’m fine. And you? 
I: I’m fine too. Today I would like to discuss with you a great problem. And it is illiteracy. Nasir : Yes. It’s a great problem as well as a curse for the country.
I: Right. It is a great hindrance to our national development. 
Nasir: Because without education no nation can develop as ignorance creates many other problems.
I: What should we do then? 
Nasir: We should work hand in hand to educate the illiterate.
I: We also need to create people’s awareness so that they can send their children to school.
Nasir : Yes, of course. It’s the key factor: Govt. has already taken many steps to remove illiteracy.
I: We must co-operate with the government. 
Nasir : Yes, we must come forward in this respect..
I : If we’re sincere in our words and deeds, nothing is impossible. 
Nasir: That’s right. Thank you.
I : OK. See you again. 

 এই রকম আরও তথ্য পেতে আমাদের ফেসবুক পেজে লাইক দিয়ে যুক্ত থাকুন। এর পাশাপাশি গুগল নিউজে আমাদের ফলো করুন। 

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