Paragraph: A Street Beggar


A beggar moves from street to street, village to village and locality to locality. He begs for alms, money, food, etc. Paragraph of A Street Beggar.

    A beggar moves from street to street, village to village and locality to locality. He begs for alms, money, food, etc. Sometimes, he asks for clothes. He accepts happily whatever he is offered. Some beggars insist for more money and cause irritation to people. He even goes on to pursue the man to fulfill his demands.

    A beggar is a poor man. He is dressed in torn clothes. He is untidy and un bathed. Some beggars have bandages on their limbs. A beggar carries a bag with him. He keeps his alms in it. Some beggars have bowls in their hands. Many beggars move with the help of a stick. Some beggars are disabled and they are carried in a cart by another beggar. Beggars generally call the name of God. The beggars are well-versed in the art of singing religious songs. They sing in such a pathetic voice that it evokes pity for them. They instantly draw the attention of the people. Such beggars are commonly seen in buses, trains and at railway station.
    People generally give alms to the beggars to ward off their distress. They do not give alms to them out of pity but to ward off their troubles. Generally, women have sympathetic attitude for them. In fact, most of the beggars thrive due to the generosity of the women. These beggars never miss religious gatherings and festivals. Begging is justified in case of crippled, incapacitated and handicapped beggars. But often some healthy men begin to beg who do not deserve charity at all. Such beggars should not be given any alms.

    Sometimes anti-social elements disguise themselves as beggars and go out for begging. They have hair and have pot and stick in their hands. Some of them besmear themselves with ashes to cheat people. Such beggars generally go out for begging when male members of the house are at their work and only ladies are at home. In the name of begging they cheat women, often they intrude their houses and rob them.
    Begging is a social evil. It needs to be banned. It is a cause of concern for our society. A legislation should be enacted to check begging. People should be made aware not to give charity to those who are able-bodied. However, those who deserve to be helped should be properly assisted. They should be provided some sort of employment to become self-reliant.



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    বাংলা রচনা, ভাবসম্প্রসারণ, ব্যাকরণ, কবিতা, ইসলামিক জ্ঞান : অনলাইন স্কুল: Paragraph: A Street Beggar
    Paragraph: A Street Beggar
    A beggar moves from street to street, village to village and locality to locality. He begs for alms, money, food, etc. Paragraph of A Street Beggar.
    বাংলা রচনা, ভাবসম্প্রসারণ, ব্যাকরণ, কবিতা, ইসলামিক জ্ঞান : অনলাইন স্কুল
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